The response to the formation of the Mr. Pete Foundation has been truly inspiring on so many levels. I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel any prouder of my dad but you all proved me wrong. I have gotten literally HUNDREDS of messages from all over the country in the last week… all oozing with gratitude and appreciation. We’ve gotten so many offers to help and some really exciting donations and I feel so blessed. Kim and my sisters and I are busy planning our next steps and getting things organized for the Silent Auction on 10/11/2014. We’re designing t-shirts and spiffing up the Light Game and we are SO EXCITED to get this thing off the ground and help some teachers. I asked my dad if he wanted to send a kid to college or help teachers and he said “I want to help teachers. There are so many great ones that have great ideas but no funds to bring them to life.” It will take a village but we plan to¬†help a lot of teachers in his name. Our dreams for this Foundation are BIG.

Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. What an awesome community to have grown up in.