It has been just a little over a month since we officially launched the Mr. Pete Foundation. Like Gina said in her last post, the response has been overwhelming and so much greater than we could have ever imagined. We’re preparing the final details on a couple of exciting things coming up, and we’re excited to get going on the next phase – living the mission of the foundation.

Last night I was thinking about the path that led us to this point. I am a true believer in signs and have had an incredible number of large and small ones on this journey. Signs that let me to know that we are doing the right thing and that we are making something sustainable that will help so, so many along with recognize someone who has impacted more people than he will ever know.

The first real “sign” or that sparked this was the day I saw Gina at our daughters’ kindergarten round-up. In a school where people have to go out of their way to enroll, it’s pretty amazing that they ended up in the same place. And they not only became classmates, but best friends. Those girls brought us back together, and for that I am grateful.

On the day we launched this project, we went to my back yard to celebrate. As we were talking, I looked down and plucked a four-leaf clover from the ground. This I took as a sign that we are on the right track. I plan for that piece of grass to be our symbol of luck throughout this entire process.

A year or two ago, I scoured YouTube for the rendition of Chicken Fat that we had listened to almost every day of fourth grade. I finally found it, but it was a chore! Just a couple of days after launching the foundation, I heard a familiar sound on the tv. Chicken Fat, a song that had only existed in my head for years and years, was actually coming through the speakers during an iPhone commercial! The odds of this very song running on a frequent commercial is such a fun, heartwarming, and strong sign of what is to come.

Finally, I know it is more irony than a sign, but so many of my favorite people happen to be newly teaching 4th grade this year. Against all odds, at least three people have brand new 4th grade teaching assignments, opening the door to allow them to impact others in the exact same way that I was so long ago. I am so proud of these people and looking forward to hearing about the lives they are changing.

I realize that I sound like a dreamer in this post, but the energy and hopefulness that has come with this foundation has made me stop and smell the roses. The path is leading us to greatness. I’m glad you’re along for the ride!

One thought on “SIGNS

  1. I never got to have Mr. Pete but always wanted to.

    My first job was teaching fourth grade but it was after he had just retired. I did have the benefit of hearing about his hope and belief in the importance of memorizing math facts.
    He was a teacher everyone wanted to have. He was a colleague I could have learned so much from.

    A great little addition to this story is that four years ago, while teaching fourth grade, kids still refer to 4square sets of rules called “Pete’s Rules.” These kids didn’t have him but his legacy carries on!

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