Let the Journey Begin…

Last June, the reality of the Mr. Pete Foundation was just getting started. June turned to July which turned to October and we were overwhelmed with the giving of the greater community. Fast forward eight months. We have opened the grant application process and are receiving requests from teachers and schools who want to carry on the legacy of Mr. Peterson.
We are very excited to announce the very first recipient of a Mr. Pete Foundation Grant. Molly (Johnson) Pavleck was a student of Mr. Peterson’s in 1988. She was able to experience the passion, expertise, and excitement of the classroom. And today, Molly is a kindergarten teacher in the same school where she was a student just a short time ago, carrying on the same values as Mr. Peterson had in his classroom.
Molly applied for a Mr. Pete Grant on behalf of the entire kindergarten class at Falls Elementary School. The four classrooms will engage in a series of art lessons with local artist The Canvas Butcher. At the culmination of the lessons, the students will hold an art show to display their hard work.
We are so excited that this group of students will get to carry on the passion for individuality, creativity, and fun that Mr. Peterson emphasized in his classroom. Look for more on this project as well as other grantees shortly!
Congratulations Molly and the entire kindergarten class at FES!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 6.34.30 PM                                  4th Grade Class of 1988-89

Mrs. Pavleck 2015                                               Mrs. Pavleck in 4th Grade! (top right)